Four facts about the tourney field

Now that the final 64 teams have been set for the dance, I looked at the averages for the tourney field. Four things stood out:

  1. The average coach has been to the Elite Eight 1.52 times. That’s the highest in the 29 years of the 64-team era.
  2. The average team has come into the tourney with a 2.44-game winning streak. That’s the highest since 2002. This number is greatly influenced by the long streaks of Wichita State (34), Stephen F. Austin (28), Florida (26) and North Carolina Central (20).
  3. This is the highest scoring tourney field (74.4ppg) since 2003. So the NCAA got their wish when they changed the rules to favor offenses.
  4. This field hasa margin percentage (average margin/points allowed) of 12.6%. That’s the lowest since 2004, which means the field plays tighter games.
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  1. Dee says:

    Billion Dollar Keeper turns into Billion Dollar Weeper


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