80-stat Excel sheet on tourney field available

The stat sheet is ready for Insiders to download. Go to the TIPS+ section and click on the “2014 Stats (Excel)” link. Happy bracketeering!

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5 Responses to 80-stat Excel sheet on tourney field available

  1. BUCats says:

    Great work as always Pete!

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks for all the great info.

    Just wondering if there is a typo with Iowa St.’s Def eff. Kenpom has it as 97.8 and it looks like you have it as 93.7. Why the difference? Completely understand if it is a typo with all the great info you are providing us.

    Thanks again

  3. Carl says:


    It seems like this year has more teams that are kenpom dominant in either offense/defense and not very good in the other. Do you have any correlations for these types of stats? Like Duke, Creighton and Iowa are top 10 offensive efficiency but outside the top 100 in defense. VCU, Ohio State, San Diego State and Cinci have top 10 D with outside 100 offenses. My guess is that any team with an O rating or D rating outside the top 100 would have a negative PASE but I don’t recall such extremes as this year. Any feedback would be appreciated.



  4. Mitch says:

    One mistake I found was Oregon went to the dance last year but are listed as 1 consecutive tourney year. Minor change

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