Top 20 active tourney coaches rated

The last few blogs have focused on coaching performance in the tourney. Considering that the champions are almost always led by experienced coaches with a solid record of success, it’s important to know which coaches tend to overachieve and which fall short of expectations in the dance.

It’s also nice to see where your favorite coach ranks in the tourney performance ratings. You can do that a few ways. The free way is to read the last few blogs I’ve posted. But those posts only include top 10 rankings. Two great resources for comparing the quality of coaches in the dance can be found under the “Ratings” and “Bracketmaster” sections. Under ratings, you’ll find a sortable list of 98 active coaches with at least three tourney appearances. And the Bracketmaster lets you search on any coach who’s ever appeared in a 64-team tourney. There’s a catch with the Ratings section and Bracketmaster tool, however. They both require a membership.

So does the latest analysis I posted under “Tips.” This is where I put the longer studies I write. Today’s study rated the top 20 active coaches with at least eight tournament appearances and one Final Four. I applied a scoring system that ranked these coaches on five factors:

  1. How many times they’ve gone to the dance
  2. What they’ve accomplished in their appearances
  3. What their win/loss record has been
  4. The degree to which they’ve overachieved
  5. What they’ve done recently

If you’re curious about who topped the list, I can tell you that Coach K, Rick Pitino and Roy Williams took the top three slots. If you want to know how they got there…and who the rest of the top 20, you’ll need a membership.

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