It’s official: Craziest…dance…EVER!

Wichita State’s upset of Ohio State has cemented the 2013 tourney as the maddest dance in the 64-team tourney era, dating back to 1985. Heading into today’s last two Elite Eight games, the Madometer deviates from perfect high seed dominance by 22.2%. No matter what happens from here on in, the lowest the Madometer can go is 20.5%. That beats the 19.8% unpredictability of the 2011 tourney, the previous leader for the mantle of maddest dance. All told, the 2013 tourney will be at least four seed positions further away from perfect sanity…and it could still go higher.

As far as the upset tally, we’re now at 11. To tie for the record of 13 upsets, Wichita State must cut down the nets. I wouldn’t bet on that. Then again, I wouldn’t have bet on the Shockers beating the Buckeyes.

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