After the first day of the round of 32, the Madometer is still measuring well above record levels of insanity. The Wichita State upset of Gonzaga pushed it over the edge–and further cemented Mark Few’s reputation as a snakebit tourney coach. All the big-time underachieving coaches didn’t fail to disappoint: Few, Dixon, Alford, Brey. You can add John Thompson III to the list of coaches with low PASE values. Meanwhile, two coaches whose PASE was soaring have come back down to earth somewhat. But Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens failed to meet expected win totals for their seed positions.

Even if every game goes to seed expectations today, the Madometer will still sit at 22.1% madness. Something tells me that perfect higher-seed dominance is not in the cards today. I suspect will add at least one upset to the already above-average total of nine.

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  1. Tom says:

    First game of the day: Hoiberg’s tournament career is off to a good start even with two second-round losses as an 8 and a 10.

    Matta has a great path to the Final Four, but will have to get through Sean Miller (his former assistant, I think) in the Sweet 16.

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