What all those columns in the stats sheet mean

I’ve fielded enough emails asking for a guide to the columns in the stats sheet, that I figured I ought to get after that. A couple years back, I made an effort to put a little triangle note beside each column header in the sheet. But then I started grabbing more and more data, and I got lax. Sorry for that. Here is a glossary of the less obvious columns:

  • * – Number of All-Americans, as selected by USBWA
  • C Yrs – Coach’s tourney trips
  • C E8 – Coach’s number of Elite Eight runs
  • PASE – Coach’s performance against seed expectations
  • CA – Conference affiliation, B=Big Six, M=Mid-major, S=Small
  • T Yrs – Number of consecutive tourney trips for the school
  • 10 – Wins in last 10 pre-tourney games, includes conference tourneys
  • +/- p – Pre-tourney winning or losing streak
  • EFG% – Combines two- and three-point percentage
  • 3/F – Percentage of threes attempted to overall field goal attemps
  • OREB  % – Percentage of offensive rebounds a team gets to overall chances
  • Opp OREB % – Percentage of offensive rebounds a team allows to overall chances
  • Possess – Overall number of possessions, used to calculate other fields
  • TO PCT – Percentage of times a team turns the ball over per possession
  • Ast/ Turn – Assists-to-turnovers, a measure of ball control
  • Ast/FG – Assists-to-field goals, a measure of how much a team needs passing to score
  • 5PT – Number of points by top five scorers (not necessarily starters)
  • 5PT % – Percentage of overall points from top five scorers
  • GPT– Number of points from guards (not necessarily starters)
  • Guard% – Percentage of overall points from guards
  • AGE – Average age of top five scorers
  • Off Eff – KenPom offensive efficiency, points scored per 100 possessions
  • Off Rank– KenPom offensive efficiency ranking against 347 D-I schools
  • Def Eff – KenPom defensive efficiency, points allowed per 100 possessions
  • Def Rank – KenPom defensive efficiency ranking against 347 D-I schools
  • Pythag – KenPom overall measure of efficiency
  • Pyth Rank – Ranking by KenPom overall measure of efficiency

If you scroll all the way over to around column CT, you’ll find my calculations of the Pulse Check disqualifiers. Those should be obvious. If you want to see the values, click on the formula. Hope this helps-.

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3 Responses to What all those columns in the stats sheet mean

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the glossary, for some reason the 2013 stats is not coming up very clearly on my mac. (numbers are blurry) Will you be publishing a list of seeds (teams) that qualify for the final four and the championship? Also, what are your thoughts on figuring a point total if there is a tie breaker ? Do you take average points scored and average points allowed of the whole tourney field or just the teams you choose in the final four. Please help my office brackets are due tomorrow at noon.

    • ptiernan says:

      Go to the Tips+ section and look at the “2013 models” and “bonus models.” There are a variety of approaches to picking your Final Four and champ. If your talking about “Methods to the Madness,” then the F4 model is #2 in the first PDF link. The teams were LOU, OSU, KAN and IND.

  2. chris says:

    Sorry for the confusion, I figured it out. Thanks

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