For Insiders: Top overachievement factors by seed class

In my February 9 blog post, I promised to provide a complete breakdown of the top overachievement factors for four classes of seeds. That post identified the top 15 KPI’s for one through 12 seeds. But the characteristics that lead to a top seed beating expectations and reaching the Final Four are different from the qualities of a 12-seed Cinderella that wins a single game.

I just posted the complete analysis of the top KPIs for four seed classes–favorites (1-2 seeds), contenders (3-6), toss-ups (7-10) and Cinderellas (11-14). I analyzed 36 different attributes for each of these classes and ranked the top 10 factors for performance against seed expectations (PASE) and the top five for seed overachievement rate (SOAR).

This report is for Insiders only and can be accessed under the Tips+ menu. Just to set everyone’s expectations: I’ll post at least two more Insider features before Selection Sunday, an “Anatomy of an Upset” series…and my annual analysis on “Forecasting your Final Four and Champ.” Oh yeah–you’ll also find the Monster Madness Excel sheet there.

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