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First champ check factoring in game play

About two weeks ago, I posted the season’s first check of teams with the credentials to win the 2014 tourney. And I did it without a single game being played. Thirteen teams from the AP Top 20 had the conference … Continue reading

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Top 20 active tourney coaches rated

The last few blogs have focused on coaching performance in the tourney. Considering that the champions are almost always led by experienced coaches with a solid record of success, it’s important to know which coaches tend to overachieve and which … Continue reading

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2013 wins per appearance by seed

This is a public service announcement. I got an comment from member Will asking for the complete rundown on the average number of wins per appearance for each seed. You can always use the Bracketmaster to calculate this by isolating … Continue reading

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Ten worst tourney coaches

Last week, I looked at the top performing coaches in the tourney, both in terms of overall success and performance against expectations. When it comes time to fill out your bracket, you’ll want to remember those coaches. History shows that … Continue reading

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Coach K most successful tourney coach, but Beilein biggest overachiever

The 64-team tourney has been in place for 29 years—and Mike Krzyzewski has played in 28 of them. He’s also cut down the nets four times since 1985, twice as many as any other coach. So it should come as … Continue reading

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Who has the basic credentials to be the 2014 tourney champ?

For the last several years, I’ve been using a set of credentials to identify teams with the best chances to be tourney champions. Those credentials have remained fairly consistent over the years. The only big change has been to lower … Continue reading

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Welcome to the 2013-14 season of Bracket Science!

The college basketball season always seems to sneak up on me. I can’t believe that we’re already past the first couple sacrificial lambs on every big team’s exhibition schedule. But I have been doing my homework. The Bracketmaster research tool … Continue reading

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