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A new set of champ rules to consider

After UConn won the 2011 tourney, I adjusted my champ rules to factor in the trend toward low scoring in college basketball. My scoring threshold for champions used to be 75 points a game. The fact is, 24 of the … Continue reading

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Why I ignore the RPI—and you should too

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve made a few side comments about the irrelevance of the Ratings Percentage Index, or RPI. I know that the NCAA Selection Committee uses the metric, to some extent, to determine who makes the dance … Continue reading

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Few changes on traditional champ list—but two meet KenPom thresholds

While the AP Top 20 had its share of shuffling this week, the list of teams that meet tourney champion credentials barely changed. For those who haven’t been following our weekly “champ check,” here’s the skinny: the last 12 champions … Continue reading

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BPI versus KenPom versus your Mom…

This year, ESPN has devised yet another system for rating college basketball teams. They tout it as an improvement over the RPI system that the Selection Committee uses to help determine seeding and the KenPom efficiency rankings, which remove game … Continue reading

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Are we headed over the quality cliff?

It’s been nearly a month since I checked how the KenPom Top 20 quality curve compared to the curves of the sanest tourney in 2007 and maddest one in 2011. For those who haven’t read the previous posts, there’s a … Continue reading

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Dominant conferences often disappoint in the tourney

There’s no question that the Big 10 is the dominant conference in college basketball this season. Five Big 10 teams are in the AP Top 20 and seven are in the KenPom top 30. The conference also leads in TV … Continue reading

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Seven teams make champ list—but are their offenses prolific enough?

After a week that saw volatile changes in the AP Top 25—with Miami, Michigan State and Kansas rising as Duke, Michigan and Ohio State fell—you’d think there would be big changes in the list of teams with champion credentials. In … Continue reading

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A taxonomy of coaches: eight classes of experience and success

I’ve done several blogs about the tourney performance of individual coaches. But in the development of guidelines for picking toss-up and upset games, I tend to think about coaches in groups. You’ve probably read something from me about rookie coaches … Continue reading

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Anatomy of an Upset

Over the last week, I’ve added two new features for Insiders. You can find them under the “TIPS+” section. The first was about key performance indicators for seed classes, and the most recent is about how to spot the most … Continue reading

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Are a$$-whoopings warning signs?

In the wake of Michigan’s meltdown in East Lansing last Tuesday and the Duke demolition in Miami, a couple of readers have asked whether tourney champions have ever suffered such thorough beat-downs in their pre-dance games. The answer is yes—and … Continue reading

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