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Champ Week Tourney Pulse Check of 40 Teams

With less than a week before Selection Sunday—and most of the big conference tourneys about to start—I figured I’d take the pulse of college basketball one last time before going into heavy number crunching mode. If you’ve read any of … Continue reading

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Strange stretch-run conundrums

With a month until Selection Sunday and fewer than 10 games left for most teams, the 2014 bracket seems to be coming more into focus—if you don’t look too closely. Undefeated squads like Syracuse and Wichita State would seem to … Continue reading

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The good, the bad and the upshot for the top 25 teams

We’re less than six weeks away from the dance and I’m still ambivalent about which teams I think are true contenders for the 2014 tourney crown. If I had to pick my Final Four today, I suppose I’d go with … Continue reading

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Worst tourney teams of the 64-team era

Last week, I looked at the top performing schools in the modern tourney era, starting in 1985 when the dance went to a 64-team format. We saw that Duke was both the winningest and most decorated program, but Butler was … Continue reading

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Duke owns best tourney record, but are they the top performer?

For more than 20 years, Duke has reigned as the winningest tourney school of the 64-team era. Despite their win percentage dropping for a third straight dance, the Blue Devils still own the best tourney record. In fact, the top … Continue reading

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Are a$$-whoopings warning signs?

In the wake of Michigan’s meltdown in East Lansing last Tuesday and the Duke demolition in Miami, a couple of readers have asked whether tourney champions have ever suffered such thorough beat-downs in their pre-dance games. The answer is yes—and … Continue reading

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All-time top 25 tourney teams based on five performance factors

On January 6, I posted my rankings of the top 20 active tourney coaches. I figured it was time to do the same thing for the top tourney teams. As with the coaches, I’m basing my analysis on five factors: … Continue reading

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Are Florida, Louisville and Michigan really that great?

After this year’s dance, I’ll have ten years of KenPom efficiency numbers in my Bracket Science database. That doesn’t exactly consistute a huge sample size, especially when compared to the 29 years I’ll have for other attributes like coaching, momentum, … Continue reading

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All-time underachieving tourney teams

In my December 11 post, I listed the tourney’s top ten overachieving teams based on performance against seed expectations (PASE). If you’re not familiar with the concept of PASE, it’s a calculation that measures a team’s actual and expected wins … Continue reading

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Butler top overachieving school, Louisville makes big jump

In my first blog analyzing team performance, we learned that Duke owns the best record in the modern tourney era and has amassed the most hardware. You didn’t need a degree in bracket science to know that. Considering that Duke … Continue reading

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